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1995 Heidelberg GTO52-2

July 31, 2020

1995 Heidelberg GTO52-2 offset printing press

14 x 20 inch two-color format

1999 Ryobi 525HXX

July 31, 2020

1999 Ryobi 525HXX offset printing press

14 x 20 inch five-color format

Harris & Bruno anilox coater

Ryobi PCS-H Console with CIP3 connectivity

Ryobi PDS-E print density control system

Semi-automatic plate changing

Ryobimatic dampening 

Royse R&R

2005 Mitsubishi D3000-R8

December 30, 2019

2005 Mitsubishi Diamond D3000-R8 offset printing press

Approximately 182 Million Revolutions

28 x 40 inch 8-color format
4/4 Perfector

Double Coater


New Rollers

Challenge 305 MPX

March 29, 2020

Used Challenge 305 MPX guillotine cutter

30 1/2 inch cutting width


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